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THE BREEDER A breed will stand or fall according to its breeders – not its loyal fanciers, not its judges and handlers, not its exhibitors and trainers. For the breeder is the only link between the past and the future, only through him can the breed stay alive. Like the sculptor, the painter, the poet, he is driven by creative compulsion. But he, more than any of the others, is caught up in the race against time. The sculptor works in stone; his mistakes can be changed by the chisel. The breeder works in flesh; his mistakes may take generations to correct. The sculptor can put his work away and eventually come back to it, the breeder is a captive of his breed and can never really leave it. Why then does a breeder stay a breeder? The answer is, that of all the activities in the dog sport, he alone has the joy of creation and the pride of enduring handiwork! When proud owners bring back a fine animal for him to see years after it was sold by him as a puppy, he notes with a thrill how it has developed in just the way he thought it would. While they are happily telling him what a marvelous creature this is, he is scarcely listening as he stares at the dog, for he is not only seeing what they are, but so much more. With mounting excitement, he watches that imperious stance, so familiar, that proudly arched neck and the keen steady gaze right out of the past, he does not see just ONE handsome dog standing there before him, but all the wonderful ones which went into the making of this one – dogs which he loved and knew so well . . . and now sees living again. This is the fascination of the breeder. This is the treasure of eternal youth! - Author Unknown


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                                                                        Knuckling over in Basset Hound Puppies
                                                                                               This article is written by Nancy Corkey/Corkey Bassets and is based on vet opinion and my experience.
I had litter of 7 puppies back in 2012, and at the age of about 6 weeks, I notice one of the puppies' leg seemed a little bowed. Not thinking much of it, I let a day go by and then noticed it was bowed some more to where the foot was slightly bending inward and under. There also was some shakiness to the leg when putting weight on it. A day or two later another puppy started the same way. Soon I had 4 pups from that litter all knuckling over. Out of panic I ran to the vets.  They put a panel of vets together to discuss this issue and set one of the pups on their table while they all discussed it.
Basically what was happening is that the leg bones were growing faster than the tendons. Without the stretching of the tendons, the legs were being pulled under.  I notice that it is more common when breeding the larger, heavier boned Bassets.
  2OboyB70.jpg 2OboyB71.jpg  girlA1.jpg  
So I gave it some thought and came up with what I thought would be a brace that would stay in place on a pup's leg and slowly stretch the tendon. I shared the idea with one of my vets who thought it sounded great.
I went out and purchased some blank stencil sheets and velcro. I cut lengths of 2 inches wide and 5 inches long. I then rounded the corners and attached on one side a piece of velcro and then flip the strip over and on the other end attach the other piece of velcro so that the strip can wrap around the pup's leg and stick together. You can also cover the braces with sticky gauze strips as shown in the pictures below. You may also have to trim the brace to fit the size of the pup's legs but this size is a starting point.
  DSC06838.jpg  braces.jpg
I notice over night an improvement without having to change the diet of the pup. I made braces for the other 3 pups and kept them on for 2 days and with careful observation over the braces on the pups, I checked each leg to make sure that the braces were not causes any sores.
   boyB3.jpg  girlA2.jpg
All went very well and within less than a week all four pups' legs were normal and remained normal.
   Bboybf.jpg  tay2.jpg
Since this litter I have had two other litters in where a couple of pups started out with this knuckling but I was able to get the brace on early to prevent further knuckling. You should always consult your veterinarian in any health situation just to rule out any other issue. You should always make sure your pups are being fed proper nutrition and supplements, we recommend NuVet, which is on our site. Your pups should not be on concrete but on surface texture flooring so that they can grip with their toes and use their muscles and tendons properly. Slick surfaces with lack of exercise and nutrition can contribute to knuckling over but even in providing all that for pups the knuckling can occur due to fast growth rate.  By Nancy Corkey/Corkey Bassets
Here is another link about puppies knuckling over. 

Knuckling over in Young Puppies